10 Best Hikes in Southwest Virginia

Southwest Virginia has built a reputation as one of the top hiking mecca’s on the east coast. Towns such as Abingdon, tucked amid the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, serve as an excellent starting point for any trip to the region, with easy access to both cultural amenities and outdoor adventure. You’ll find craft breweries, bluegrass venues, farm-to-table restaurants, old-world bakeries, and artisan coffee shops in addition to the phenomenal trails. To help you discover what the area has to offer, here are 10 of the best hiking trails in Southwest Virginia (though, one could argue, this list could be much larger).

1. Virginia Creeper Trail

This 34-mile rail trail runs from Whitetop Mountain on the North Carolina/Virginia border to Abingdon, Virginia, and is open to hikers, bikers, and equestrians. One can expect to see pastoral countryside views filled with turn of the century farm houses, white plank-board churches, and the remnants of a bygone railroad culture along the route.
At the same time one can take a look around and immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring natural surroundings of the mountains and creek that the VCT runs through. You’ll hit a town every 8 miles on the VCT, with Abingdon and Damascus being the main hubs making logistics easy.

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