10 Ford Vehicles That Will Be Classics in 20 Years

You know what the worst part of classic car ownership is? The expense. Even if you’re mechanically inclined and love to wrench all day, chances are you don’t think you’ll ever own an exotic car.
After all, who buys exotics? People with hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn. But after a few years, most original owners drop these ultra-exclusive rides for something new. And unless it’s a Ferrari or Porsche, just about everything else depreciates like a stone.
So let’s say you have a budget of $40,000 and want to skip the Toyota dealership and buy something wild. You’re in luck, because you have a lot of seriously exotic cars to choose from. Here’s a list of lust-worthy exotics and supercars that you could buy today without going to the poorhouse.

1. 1975-1985 Ferrari 308

With anything with a Prancing Horse badge commanding seemingly unattainable prices nowadays, it’s almost shocking that a classic Ferrari could be had for under $40,000. But it’s true; not only are variants of the 308 worth around $38,000 according to Hagerty, but it also has pop culture provenance thanks to its starring role in Magnum P.I. Who cares that they’re slow by modern standards. With its sumptuous curves and gated manual shifter, the 308 has everything that’s great about a vintage Ferrari.

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