12 Innovative Electric Dirt Bike Machines For Tackling Tough Trails

So, what about an electric dirt bike? No fuel, no fumes, no noise pollution, no clutch, and no fuss – but many riders are still reluctant to turn their backs on convention and go electric. Hopefully, this list of the best electric dirt bike models will be enough to tempt you into giving one a try. It’s no secret that the popularity of electric motorcycles is on the rise but with prohibitively expensive prices and lackluster range capabilities, many riders aren’t convinced enough to ditch their tried and tested gasoline machines in favor of battery powered two-wheelers, and that’s fine.

But what about an electric dirt bike though? Since it’s for off-road trail riding, the range shouldn’t be such a big deal, and the prices…well, they’re still pretty high, but if you’re looking for a dedicated off-road machine that you’re not going to go cross-country touring on, why not invest in an electric dirt bike and explore a brand new motorcycling niche?

How Do You Ride An Electric Dirt Bike?

One reason many riders aren’t interested in trying out an electric bike is the fact that they don’t know how to ride them. Manufacturer’s press releases simply say “it’s electric” and don’t go into the details about how the bike’s operation differs from a conventional motorcycle. Riding an electric dirt bike is pretty simple, but if you’re not used to it we can see how it could be intimidating on a test ride – so we’ll give you a quick outline of how it all works.

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