1965 Ford Falcon Gets a Coyote Heart

The Ford Falcon was one of the most popular compact cars ever released when it came to the rescue of suburban housewives in the late 60s. The model was offered as an alternative to the larger family sedans of the time, which families looking to buy a second car had no need of. The large and powerful cars and trucks of that time were considered too expensive, and the growing female market demanded smaller and more practical options. The Falcon had direct competition from the Volkswagen Beetle, Chevrolet Corvair and Chrysler Valiant.
Upon its release, the Falcon shattered all sales expectations Ford had set. While it only enjoyed a short window of opportunity, which Ford filled with 5 different body styles, thanks to enthusiasts and collectors, the Falcon has enjoyed a recent spike in popularity as more examples turn out to meets and shows every year.

We can speculate that the recent interest in these cars comes from their compact size and potential to be upgraded and revamped. When you pair that with the one-of-a-kind body style, you have all the ingredients for a classic rebuild. That is exactly what Mark Sword Jr. wanted for his 1965 2nd generation Ford Falcon, and that is exactly what he got.

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