4 Easy DIY Shoe Repairs to Save Money

All of my friends know me as the “shoe addict” of the group. I have three pairs of blue heels for reasons even I don’t understand. But what can I say? I love the way shoes add to an outfit.
However, I don’t love when my pricey shoes end up with broken heels, scuff marks, floppy soles, or broken straps and I have to take them out of rotation. But since I never discard shoes, I’ve created a little DIY repair kit to clean up and do minor repairs at home.

Safety First

Shoe cobblers don’t exist only in fairy tales. They can help take care of broken shoes when the repair is too extensive to attempt yourself. Trying to fix a broken heel with some superglue could land you sprawled on the sidewalk, so when it comes  to major structural repairs, check your area for a professional cobbler.
Only attempt repairs yourself when it’s a minor cosmetic flaw. Your efforts combined with those of a good cobbler will extend the life of your shoes, and help you save money by keeping your favorite heels in steady rotation.

DIY Shoe Repair Tricks

Try some of the following quick fixes for minor problems, and then find your own shoe cobbler to take care of bigger issues.
1. Scuff Marks
On black leather, scuff marks are easy to camouflage. I’ve been using a black permanent marker to fix up scuff marks for the past 10 years. But this fix can work for any colored shoe as long as you can find a permanent marker that matches. Simply color in the scuff mark, dab with a tissue, and reapply. Do this a few times to make the fix water-resistant.
If your scuffed shoe is white, you’ll need to do a little more work. Cosmetic scuff marks can be taken off using a regular white art eraser. But if the shoes are torn, you’ll need to apply white-out to remedy the problem.

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