5 Unique Trekking Experiences for Your Bucket List

If you’re anything like me, you have a bucket list of treks that you can’t wait to hike.

The issue is trying to choose the right trek for you and choosing the one that will make the best use of your time. There are a lot of factors to consider, from the difficulty to the landscape, to one that includes cultural and culinary stops. After having done several treks, I now look for treks that offer something unique. Something that sets them apart from other treks that I’ve done.
As part of doing my own research, I’ve compiled five unique trekking experiences that are bucket list worthy. Each of these treks can be done through World Expeditions. This makes your planning easier and literally lightens your load, as they have porters to help carry your gear on every trip.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp – Nepal, 23 Days

Many hikers debate doing Everest Base Camp or Annapurna, but few consider the much less crowded Kanchenjunga Base Camp in Eastern Nepal. On this trek, you’ll follow the Tamur and Ghunsa Rivers to their source at Kanchenjunga. This is alpine grandeur at its finest that takes you through remote villages. The circular route provides constant mountain splendour, which unlike when you trek to Everest Base Camp you return the same way.
Why It’s On My Bucket List of Unique Treks: As proud as I was of myself for hiking to Everest Base Camp, it felt like less of an accomplishment when I saw how many people were doing it. Kanchenjunga is far less popular. Many trekkers have never heard of it. That makes it even more attractive to me. You still hike through dramatic Himalaya scenery but without the crowds.

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