687 HP 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback is its Owner’s High School Sweetheart

Rarely does one decide to stick with its car through thick and thin but Stephen Krupey has done just that. He bought this 1965 Ford Mustang fastback in 1983 for his 18th birthday and the ‘Stang is still with him almost 35 years later. Things might have been different had Stephen had $5,000 for the Shelby Mustang back then. Lack of funds lead him into buying this $2,000 fastback and the rest is history.

But this isn’t just any 50 year old muscle car. Stephen’s Mustang is state of the art resto mod vehicle handsome enough even by die hard Mopar and Chevy fans’ standards. This wasn’t the case when he bought it, though. Back then, ’65 fastback was painted drab green and had a black interior. Moreover, it was riddled with hidden compartments whose purpose Stephen will likely never find out. Over the years fiddling with the car, he’s found no less than 10 such secrets. It even had a relocated gas filler neck, hidden sirens, toggle switches, and secret switches. One final peculiarity were two different headlight buckets. One was from the 1965 Mustang while the other was from the 1964 and 1/2 model.

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