A 1967 Pontiac GTO Built To Take Tough Love

Eric Aull was an impressionable young boy working part time when he was forever changed. In this case, the vehicle was a 1966 Pontiac GTO and the circumstances were 4,000 feet of rubber on laid out on Merrick Road. Thus, Eric’s lifelong relationship with GTOs had begun.

While some of us have a lifelong relationship with cars building, restoring, and basically loving them, this was not the case with Eric. Eric would much rather bestow upon his cars a form of tough love. Within several months of acquiring his first car, a 1966 Convertible GTO with a 389 and four-speed transmission, he had absolutely destroyed it. His replacement, a 421 Super Duty suffered a similar fate with a blown transmission and differential.

Moving onto his third vehicle, a 1967 hardtop with racing modifications, it was to be the fortunate recipient of many of the salvageable parts from the two previous cars. Eric finally had the car that was able to tolerate the form of ‘tough love’ that he lavished upon his Goats.

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