Back to the Future? These Classic Cars Are Now All-Electric

Let’s face it, whether you’re a fan of cars or not, almost everyone can agree that there’s nothing quite like a classic car. Whether you can rebuild engines or can’t tell your Toyota Rav4 from the Honda CR-V in the parking lot, you probably think that old cars just look cooler (and of course, they do). But just about everybody knows that there are downsides to old cars too. They’re difficult to keep running reliably, they’re sometimes expensive to work on, and compared to modern cars, most of them are just unpleasant to drive.
So what if you could just take out the old, slow, heavy, exhaust-belching engines of yesteryear and replace them with something cleaner and more modern? Engine swaps are nothing new to the automotive world, but as the technology continues to be refined, more and more people are retrofitting classics with electric drivetrains. All around the world, shops are giving these pretty but largely obsolete cars a second chance at life through the latest EV engineering. Someday, it may be common to see vintage Mustangs, Porsches, or even Ferraris zipping around silently with electric motors under the hood. But until then, check out these classic cars that have been converted to run on electric power.

1. Zelectric Beetle

The classic Volkswagen Beetle is timelessly cool, but let’s face it, with most cars putting out less than 75 horsepower, they’re almost unworkably slow by today’s standards. That’s what makes the Zelectric Beetle so cool. The San Diego-based company takes fully-restored, collectible Bugs (1958-’67 models) and installs their electric motor, which is designed to last for 100 years.
While it’s mated to a four-speed transmission like the original car, brakes, suspension, tires, lighting, and the heater are upgraded. The result is one of the coolest EVs out there, with a 100-mile range and tons of torque. With conversions starting at $54,500 (car not included), Zelectric Beetles aren’t cheap. And if you don’t like you’re electrified VW, Zelectric’s modifications are 100% reversible. We just don’t why anyone would want to take one back to stock.

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