Cadillac Super Cruise is the Next Innovation in Autonomous Luxury

Meet the 2018 CT6 sedan, featuring Cadillac Super Cruise
General Motors’ Cadillac line is now equipping their luxury vehicles to compete with a very exclusive market. The new Cadillac Super Cruise will be the company’s first step into the world of autonomous vehicles. The long-anticipated project stems back to 2012 and could signal the next step of the robotic car revolution.

The technology includes a variety of new systems currently being tested in different models. GM claims it to be “the industry’s first hands-free” highway proficient experience. In other words, Super Cruise will be custom-tailored, and only available for highway use. There will be driver alert systems in place to assure the driver is paying attention at all times.
Using facial recognition software, safety systems will include audible and physical alerts with the ability to safely bring the vehicle to a stop on the side of the road if the driver is unresponsive.

One of the obvious requirements for the system will be that the driver can take immediate control of the vehicle at any moment. If there is no response from the driver after the alert system has triggered, the vehicle can also contact emergency services through On-Star.
The Cadillac Super Cruise is NOT a self-driving car. It is considered a “Level 2 autonomous system” capable of momentary hands-free driving. We have seen through Tesla and Mercedes-Benz that advanced driver assistant technology is here and fully capable of utilization, and it appears as though Cadillac is finally ready to throw their hat in the ring as well.

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