Ferrari Just Build A One-Off SP275 RW Competizione For A Man Who Is Not Afraid Of Paying Extra

Not only did Ferrari sell the most expensive car in the 21st century in Florida and then revealed an extremely fast 488 Challenge at the same time, but they also showed the SP275 RW Competizione. This is a brainchild of the Ferrari division Special Projects. It usually makes one-off creations for the most eccentric (read wealthiest) buyers Ferrari has. The SP275 RW Competizione isn’t any different.

Obviously created around the magnificent F12 Berlinetta (or could it be the F12tdf – note the wide front bumper), the SP275 features a few notable differences compared to any other modern Ferrari. First of all, the front lights, front bumper and the whole “sad” shape of the back give it a somewhat different appearance. It feels special and unique. Yet, it also seems like it’s a bit closer to the older 599 than the F12berlinetta ever was.

Exciting yellow finish and undisturbed upper line of the car surely accentuate the coupe/grand tour style of the F12. It does not even have those F12 signature bonnet vents. It is that sleek. Yet, side fins, smaller side windows (just like the ones on the tdf) and small cosmetic features above the rear fenders reveal the SP275 to be a supercar worthy contender. It will be able on track for sure, but we aren’t that sure that the man who bought it will ever risk so much.

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