First Good Real Life Look: Tesla Model 3 Spotted

Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled in July. However, as Elon Musk reported, the company will totally forgo beta testing and move directly to the production of early-release cars, we can expect to see some of them on the roads. And that is exactly what happened a week ago at Cupertino, California. Reddit user gamerfreak4life uploaded some pictures of the white Tesla Model 3 which looks like a production ready car. Yes, Tesla Model 3 spotted, finally.

Tesla Model 3 spotted in public

While the Tesla Model 3 may be months away from the release, photographs we have here reveal the car is in its final stages of development. Note that LED rear lights which look more like production units and not something you would expect on a concept car. Nevertheless, the Tesla Model 3 spotted in public carries white color and, it seems, has top notch trim package.
After all, Elon Musk did report that even people could buy the cheapest Tesla Model 3 for less than $35 grand, almost all opted for loaded versions. In this case, average selling price of the Tesla Model 3 cars is closer to $50k.

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