In my previous post I discussed how you can get started with programming with just four easy steps. The next big step for you is to think of how to choose your first programming language. But which is the best programming language to learn first? How do you decide? computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science
There are so many options out there that choosing a language might seem a bit daunting at first. Different languages are simply used for accomplishing different things. Therefore, there are a few points you need to consider when it comes to which language is the best choice for you. In short, it all depends on your goals and aspirations.
This post is here to help you when you are a beginner with coding and not quite sure which programming language to start learning first.
Would you like to create web applications? Or perhaps developed iPhone or Android apps? Maybe you are interested in game development? All these different fields come with specific languages that are the best choice for them.
This post will first discuss the importance of defining your goals and considering your options. After that, you need to choose your preference area in programming. Setting yourself some goals for your future and knowing why you want to learn coding will help you keep things more structured along the way.
Without further ado, let’s get started!


First off, you will have to ask yourself what it is you wish to achieve by learning how to program.
What is it that you find interesting? What would you like to build or study?
Nothing will motivate you better than seeing the progress you make towards a specific goal. Moreover, having some clearly defined targets will also keep you focused on what you really want to create.
And don’t be too modest with your ambitions! As you surely know already, pretty much anything is possible with programming. You will see this once you start writing your first programs and notice what a computer can do for you.
Thus, if you plan on coding a new addition to the global social media, go for it!


There is a vast number of different directions where you can go with programming. Therefore, you should start by picking an area that you feel most interested in. Here are a few areas you could be aiming at with learning programming:

  • Making websites
  • Creating video games
  • Building mobile apps
  • Making OS X or Windows applications
  • Analysing and visualising data
  • Creating 3D graphics

All these different areas have their unique requirements and focus points. Thus, each of them uses a different set of programming languages.
Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure you are choosing your first programming language according to what area you find the most interesting.
Considering your future, in which of these areas would you see yourself working in the future? If you wish to build a career in tech by learning programming, remember that all these areas have different opportunities and technical roles you can specialise in.

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