Immaculate Red 1965 Chevelle Restored and Reunited With its Former Owner

Since restoration of a car is always time and money-consuming, not many of us can brag about actually restoring one. Even fewer of us can rightfully gloat with restoring one by ourselves. But the rarest group of people is that which can brag about again finding their long-gone muscle, and doing most of the work themselves. One such thing happened to our main antagonist, John Boggio. His 1965 Chevelle is one frame-off resto mod beauty which took no less than 7 years to complete. Judging by the looks of it, every single hour spent on the car paid off big time.

John Boggio first owned this 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS during his high school days. Back then, it looked nothing like it does today, and Boggio sold it right after he finished the school in 1998. After almost 12 years of them being apart, Boggio received a phone call from one of his friends. His friend informed him of Chevelle’s then current status.
It had been sitting idle in Riverside, California, so Boggio decided to buy it back. He even found his final insurance card and registration prior to the sale, in car’s glove compartment. That’s when he knew the Chevelle couldn’t have stacked more than a few miles on its odometer since he sold it.

His first order of business was also the only one he regrets now after everything has been finished. He decided to modify and strengthen the frame while adding a set of mini-tubs at the rear. If he could do it all over again, Boggio would have gone a custom chassis way since stock frame restoration had robbed him of way too much time.

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