NanoFlowcell AG’s Street Legal Quant E-SportLimousine – Threatens To Be The Beginning Only

NanoFlowcell AG is the name behind the exquisite Quant E-SportLimousine, but also the name behind a serious upgrade associated with the automotive industry. The last decade has brought in a series of innovations in the automotive industry. Some of them are not so impressive and were expected, especially when it comes to petrol heads. Some others were quite surprising. There are no doubts that the automotive industry is becoming cleaner and cleaner. But then, amazing releases hit the market at every few years to give everyone a jaw breaking sensation. This is what NanoFlowcell AG had in mind too.

The new Quant model was introduced in 2014 and is not an electric or hybrid model. Instead, it works with saltwater. It represents an actual upgrade of this industry and threatens to take it to the next level.
Thinking that this is only a concept? You are wrong! This car has just become street legal in Europe, so it is already driving around public roads. It is expected to show up in Germany anytime soon, then spread around the entire Europe. Besides, this is the first saltwater vehicle certified for use with no risks at all. But what is its secret?

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