Pacing Away at 215mph In The Electric Porsche 910

Race your way to glory with the new model of the Porsche 910 also called the EVEX 910e. The 1960’s race car hero has now switched its engine to an electrical motor from its original gasoline motor. The Austrian company Kreisel (owned by the Kreisel brothers) is responsible for the electrical motor transition after their previous electrical motor conversion success with the Mercedes G-Class. Kreisel alone was not responsible for the creation of the pumped up Porsche but took assistance from EVEX Fahrzeugbau GmbH the German car maker known for its specialization and obsession with more vintage and older car models.

Zero Emissions costs $1 million

The car has been labeled road worthy and with a price tag of about a million or 1.1 million Euros is only worthy of some very fortunate people. The car is available for purchase provided you are able to afford the Porsche luxury. The Kreisel electrical motor is known to produce zero emissions and Kreisel offers buyers a 2-speed transmission which can be bought as a separate entity. Power can be boosted by excessive charging and the electrical motor is also able to combine with the home solar installation system feeding power to and from the house.

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