Review: Jaguar I-Pace – A Tesla Alternative

For the longest time, Tesla was the only player in the luxury EV game. Their vaunted Model S was what every well-off and well-meaning Silicon Valley CEO wanted in their driveway.
And who can blame them? The Model S was, and still is, an incredibly well engineered and high-tech product that anyone making over six-figures a year would be glad to own.
We may harp on the exorbitant price of the Model S, but it is a luxury car and is priced as such. And even compared to other luxury cars, the Model S is hardly out of place in terms of features-per-dollar. You might even say it’s middle of the road.
But that was in comparison to other luxury cars. In comparison to other luxury EVs, the Model S stood alone quite simply because there weren’t any other luxury electric vehicles. That is, until now.

When British luxury carmaker Jaguar saw the Model S and what it could do, they said that they could do it just as well but with just a smidge for flair. British flair, naturally. But not like a Rolls-Royce with diamonds and the word “bespoke” written over every feature—more like a luxury car that looks and feels like a regular car.
Did they succeed? Let’s find out.
Range: 386 km (240 miles)
0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds
Top Speed: 124 mph
Power: 394 hp

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