The 7 Best GitHub Alternatives for Hosting Your Project’s Source Code

Ever since Microsoft purchased GitHub, many people have been searching for alternative places to host and share their code.
Is switching from GitHub absolutely necessary? Probably not. But Microsoft brings with it a reputation for the occasional takeover disaster, as well as some privacy concerns. So if you’re looking to jump ship, we don’t blame you.
Whether you’re trying to evade Microsoft or you just want to try something new, here are some of the best GitHub alternatives that provide similar functionality. computer science computer science computer science 

1. GitLab

As one of GitHub’s most significant competitors, GitLab is having a field day with the GitHub exodus. They’ve even made it easy to migrate projects from GitHub: computer science computer science computer science 

As it’s designed for the entire DevOps cycle, GitLab lets you do everything from plan to release to monitor your software. Powerful planning tools mean you don’t need to use another system to keep everyone on track. And GitLab’s branching system makes it easy to design, test, and manage code.  computer science computer science
You can download an instance to host on your own server or use GitLab’s SaaS hosting. Both options have different price points ranging from $0 to $99 per user. computer science computer science computer science 
This pricing system gives you more flexibility than you get with GitHub, and allows GitLab to provide full DevOps capability to any company. You might end up paying more, but you’ll get everything you need.

2. BitBucket

Atlassian’s Git-based repository system integrates with its other products, like Trello and Jira. This can be a huge bonus to teams that are already using these apps (which are common in the development world).
It also integrates with Slack and HipChat. Developers can create their own integrations within the user interface, adding more flexibility. Two-factor authentication and Soc 2 Type II security keep your code secure.
And if you’re already using GitHub, BitBucket has a walkthrough for importing your repositories.
BitBucket offers a wide range of pricing options for both self-hosted and cloud instances, including one-time and yearly payment plans. You can also pay extra to scale your build minutes and storage if you need more without adding more users. computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science
Also, BitBucket has a free plan for small groups.

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