The Amazing Chevrolet Camaro Is A Muscle Car With Off-Road Car Character And Sports Car Appeal

What the hell is this!? Is this the most outrageous Camaro ever!? This is what happens when a bunch of crazy enthusiastic Germans, possibly on drugs, sit together, gather some Euros, acquire a Camaro and start thinking of ways to make it even better! It’s easy actually! Just make an off-road/crossover/apocalypse fighter/Mad Max inspired machine and everyone will be satisfied. Well, of course they will as this thing looks like it came from the Mad Max movie released in 2060.

True, only these renderings exist and no one actually built the car yet, but the team behind it is looking to produce and to market something like this. The pictures released are definitely some market researching/free promotion thing all the car enthusiasts will most certainly like. German tuner Rüffer Performance, which, according to their website really is into American muscle cars, created the special aftermarket package which undoubtedly takes the prospect of a muscle car to an area never explored before.
Just by looking at the released pictures, one can notice that this sick Camaro has increased height, gargantuan off-road tires, a blower, massive body kit consisting of off-road credible elements but also of classic sports car features such as a rear spoiler and opening above the grill. So, it’s like trying to mate the ultimate off-road (almost Dakar Rally ready) readiness, with muscle car character and sports car appeal. You know what!? It seems to be working.

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