The Artega Scalo Is $192k Electric Car Which Is Totally Not Worth It

Hidden somewhere behind the glitter and flash of the major car manufacturers, the small German company Artega was showing their own new car at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month. Really, we haven’t expected anything from the Artega, as the company ceased all of its operations a few years ago, but, now, they are back. They are back with an electric car developed with the electronics manufacturer Paragon, but based on the well-known Artega  SE from 2011. Nothing bad there as the Artega built quite interesting and quite capable cars back when they were in business, so converting some of their vehicles to e-power should do the trick.

Actually, this isn’t the first time an Artega car has been turned to EV. A few weeks back we have showcased the IISB-One Electric but this new one is something else. It is called the Artega Scalo, it has an all wheel drive, two high power Voltabox synchronous, water-cooled electric motors and it has a 37 kWh battery pack. To make it a bit clearer, this small – Miata sized sports car has the power of 402hp and 575 lb-ft of torque. Insane power for a car weighing less than 3000 pounds. Apparently, all of this power is more than adequate to provide the Artega with speed only matched by the supercars of today. 62 mph can be caught in 3,6 seconds with the top speed touching 155 mph. The Tesla Roadster had similar specs back in the day and look at it now – the whole company followed behind it.

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