The American Southwest is one of the most adventure-endowed regions in the world, and when it comes to mountain biking, few other places can compare. Whether you’re looking for downhill, or just an excuse to see some awesome scenery, the American Southwest won’t leave you disappointed.


If you happen to find yourself in Moab, you can basically point your mountain bike in any direction and find some amazing rides. Considered one of the best mountain biking destinations in North America, if not the world, Moab contains the right combination of out-of-this-world scenery, a wide range of high-desert riding and canyon cruising, and a welcoming community that really ties everything together. Throw in all the other excitement that Moab has to offer, including two nearby National Parks and plenty of public land for camping, and this Southwest destination can keep your wheels turning and your wanderlust satisfied for years to come.
While routes like the Slickrock Bike Trail and the Moab Rim Trail are worth checking out during your visit, if you want to get a taste of everything Moab offers, the Whole Enchilada Trail encompasses multiple different trail sections and scenery for an incredible ride. Including more than 25 miles of riding, spanning the distance between the top of the La Sal Mountains and the banks of the Colorado River, the Whole Enchilada is not for the light-hearted or first-time rider. Shuttles are nearly a must to access this trail, and winter riding atop the La Sal Mountains is pretty much out of the question, making for late shoulder seasons and summer the best time to take a bite out of the Whole Enchilada.

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