These 11 Classic Trucks Have Skyrocketed in Value

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but even though buying a new car is one of the most expensive purchases you can make, you’ll probably never make your money back on your investment. Thousands of different cars have been built over the past century. But the sad truth is this: Most of them just aren’t worth holding onto.
So imagine telling truck buyers between, say, 1946 and 1973 that their trucks would increase in value by over 1,000%. Living in the era where new luxury trucks sell for close to $70,000, it’s easy to forget that for decades, pickups were cheap, rudimentary, tough-as-nails vehicles. They needed to do just two things: start every day and haul a bunch of stuff. Anything else was considered unnecessary.
But like their car counterparts, there’s an undeniable charm to a classic pickup, and it hasn’t taken long for collectors to pick favorites. After tracking classic truck sales, Black Book has found 11 Cinderella stories from truck history. These are the 11 trucks that are worth more than anyone could’ve imagined when they were new.

1. 1956 Ford

The second-generation F-Series has been prized by collectors and hot-rodders alike for decades. But in its final year, 1956, a number of one-year-only changes make it the prize of the bunch. Back 61 years ago, you could buy one of these workhorses for $1,611. Today, a restored version is worth around $65,000, a 4,034% increase in value.
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