This Restored 1969 Chevelle 300 Is A Sleeper Hiding ZL1 Power

Some people, like Albert Galdi, appreciate the stock factory exterior of the vehicles they love. In this case, he was aiming to build a power street racer hiding inside the body of a sleeper.

Finding the Right Donor Car

Albert is no stranger to restorations and has done many of them in his lifetime. In that life, he developed a passion for Chevy’s top performance classics in the ZL1 and COPO lines. After restoring a COPO Chevelle, he decided it was too valuable to risk damaging it.

He settled on doing it all himself and basing it on the A Body using his ground up building skills. The 300 Deluxe Chevelle hit the right mark for the look he was aiming for so he got to work. From there, a friend found him a used model in great condition and only 38,000 miles on the odometer.

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