Top 10 Treks Around the World

One of the best ways to discover a foreign country is to walk the land, sleep under the stars, admire the natural beauty and swap smiles with locals in far-off villages. Here are 10 of our favorite hikes around the world.

Sentiero Azzurro (The Blue Trail)

If you’re looking for mind-blowing beauty and a manageable trail for the whole family, this is the one. The Blue Trail connects the five villages of Cinque Terre and can be completed in a day. The route hugs the rocky coastline and passes through picture-perfect vineyards and the coziest little villages you’ve ever laid eyes on. At the end of the day, your neck, not legs, will be the most sore body part due to the constant distraction from beauty in every direction.

West Highland Way

Walking through the Scottish Highlands on this 96-mile trail will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the movie Braveheart, minus the battle-axes. If you like the color green, you’ll be seeing lots of it here; this route passes through the incredibly picturesque and romantic Scottish landscape. The weather is always unpredictable, even in summer months, so make sure to pack plenty of warm-weather and rain gear.

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