Top 10 Ultra Expensive Optional Car Features You Can Buy

We all know of the expensive lifestyles of the rich and famous and their luxury choices of cars that are worth more than most people’s homes. While the majority of us can’t make up our minds whether or not to add a Vienna Leather trim in our average rides at a monthly cost of $50, the wealthy folks are parting with six figures for vehicle customizations at high-end dealerships.
It is all about prestige. Wealthy people will always spend large sums of money on ultra-luxury sedans and even pay a higher premium for exclusive brands, higher quality, and great performance just to flaunt their wealth. Then there is that other category of true car fans who are willing to spend as much as it takes to have their rides fitted with the most innovative features and designs. They’ll go to great lengths to increase performance, upgrade interiors, or simply pay a premium for optional car features that are completely invisible to the casual onlooker. All in all, these premium and often costly upgrades are exclusively reserved for the elites. Let’s take a quick look at ten ultra expensive car options money can buy.

10. Tesla Ludicrous Mode. Cost: $10,000

After its launch in 2012, the Tesla Model S received rave reviews and was even referred to by many as the electric dream car. It came with unprecedented features such as the Autopilot, making it a car in its own class. Its 12.3 inch liquid display panel was a first in the car industry. It came with innovative features that really did change the driving experience for many.

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