10 Must-Know Apple Books Tips for Better Reading

2. Take Notes

You can add your own notes to books and refer back to them later. It’s a useful feature for students, and those working with lengthy documents or complicated texts.

To make a note, tap and hold on a word within a book, then drag the selected area to include more text as needed.

When you’re ready, release your finger and swipe through the list of options. Tap on Note, and you can add your thoughts below the text you highlighted. When you’re finished, tap Done.

You can search your notes by opening the Navigation menu, tapping on the Contents icon, then selecting the Notes tab.

Note: Text accompanied by notes is highlighted in yellow in the reading pane.

3. Highlight the Text

Apple Books now offers a variety of ways to highlight text in your ebooks. Again, it’s useful for people who want to refer back to certain parts of their book at a later time.

The process for highlighting text is similar to that for taking notes. Tap, hold, and drag over the text you want, but select Highlight from the popup menu instead of Note.

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