12 Creative Layouts to Organize Your iPhone Home Screen

It’s fun to re-arrange your home screen from time to time. Categorizing app icons by folder or page is a handy way to keep a growing app collection under control, but there are more creative ways to switch it up.

Here are some compelling alternative layouts ideas for your iPhone or iPad’s home screen.

First, Custom Icons in the Shortcuts App

Many of these layouts call for custom icons. To create these, you’ll need to use the new Shortcuts app built for iOS 12. It allows you to create custom bundles of commands for greater productivity.

For our purposes, it’s easy to create a custom icon. Download and launch Shortcuts from the App Store, then tap Create Shortcut to make a new one. Search for Open App, then choose the app you want to create a custom icon for.

Next, tap the Settings icon in the top-right (it looks like two sliders). Tap the Icon field and you can choose the Color and Glyph you’d like. If you’d rather, you can also take a new photo or select an existing one on the Home Screen tab to use for the icon.

When you’re done, tap the Share button and choose Add to Home Screen to finalize the shortcut.

You can get creative as you’d like. But to keep it simple, we’ll use basic colors and symbols to represent apps.

1. The Minimalist

For this layout, put everything into a single folder and center it on the dock. To keep it really neat, move all the apps except one out of the first page of the folder.

Rather than hunt through a packed folder to find the app you want, you can get to it quickly with Siri search. Swipe down on the home screen, type the first letter or two of the app you’re after, and pick it from the search results. Over time, Siri will try to predict which app you want and suggest it without you having to type anything.

Who it’s great for: Anyone who hates clutter. People who love looking at their iPhone’s wallpaper more than looking at app icons. It’s also great for extending battery life on OLED iPhones when combined with a plain black background, because fewer pixels are lit up.

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