12 Creative Layouts to Organize Your iPhone Home Screen

4. The Menu

Instead of grouping apps by folder, create Shortcuts with list menus to choose which app you want to open. Name the shortcuts by the activity they represent.

For example, have a shortcut called Read that offers a menu of reading apps (Kindle, Books, an RSS reader, and so on).

Who it’s great for: Those who like options but not clutter. Anyone who doesn’t like hunting through folders full of apps.

5. The Monogram

Thought you were stuck with the grid layout on your home screen? Think again! Create blank app icons with Shortcuts or Makeovr and use them to introduce space into your layout. It opens up a world of possibilities, including the option of making your name’s initial out of your apps.

Be sure to give your blank icons empty names too. iOS won’t let you use spaces as a name, but you can use an invisible Unicode character instead. Copy invisible Unicode characters to paste as blank names from the Unicode character table.

Who it’s great for: Anyone whose ego is bigger than their iPhone’s gargantuan amount of storage.

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