3 macOS Dock Apps for a Better App Launcher

Your Mac’s Dock is quite customizable, but it’s not as powerful as some of the third-party dock apps available.

If complete control over app launching is what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find these three Dock replacement apps highly useful.

1. SuperTab


SuperTab behaves more like an app switcher replacement than a Dock replacement. It doesn’t sit at the bottom of the screen like the Dock does, but shows up when you hit the shortcut Option + Tab. Having said that, SuperTab does function like the Dock in that it allows you to launch apps and other content.

The app sets you up with multiple docks. Each dock (or “tab row,” as the app calls it) gives you a special set of items such as your recent applications, active apps, and recent documents.

That’s not all; you can also throw in custom elements like website links, folders and subfolders, screenshots, and calendar items. It’s especially handy that you can create a tab row of items belonging to one or more Finder tags, which make it easy to find your files faster.


Adding tab rows, deleting them, and moving them around is easy; the universal icons for these actions lead the way. You also get full control over the number of tab rows you want on display and over their appearance.

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