3 macOS Dock Apps for a Better App Launcher


Given SuperTab’s versatility, you can keep pretty much any macOS element handy in a tab row. Spotlight searches, Dropbox data, settings panes, clipboards, bookmarks—you can add them all!

SuperTab also doubles up as a text expander thanks to its AutoTypes feature, which can also select menu items for you. To top it all off, SuperTab lets you trigger dock items with hotkeys and even with your voice.

You’ll be happy to know that support for the app goes all the way up to the latest macOS version, Mojave. However, we must warn you that it will take a bit of effort not only to set up SuperTab, but also to keep it from getting cluttered and unusable. But the effort will be worth it.

Download: SuperTab ($20, 30-day trial version available)

2. ActiveDock


If you want a Dock replacement that’s more “Dock-like” than SuperTab, ActiveDock is the perfect solution. Once you install it, you can choose to disable the default Dock from ActiveDock’s settings. These are accessible via the Start Menu (look for the rocket icon at the far left in the dock).

Yes, there’s a Windows-like Start menu that gives you quick access to your Home folder contents and System Preferences.

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