5 Best Personal Finance Apps for the Android and iPhone

You can do just about anything with a smartphone. There are apps to help you manage your ever-growing digital music collection, travel apps to find the best deals on the go, apps to find the best gas prices, and even apps to ward off zombies.

You can also manage your money directly from your smartphone. There are dozens of personal finance apps available for Android and the iPhone that let you do everything from making a budget to filing your taxes.

Since some financial apps simply aren’t worth the download, here’s a short list of my top five.

Top Personal Finance Apps & Software

1. Debt Dog

Debt Dog, available for the iPhone, is a simple app that lets you see the true cost of buying with credit. You enter the purchase price of anything you’re thinking of buying. Then the app shows you how long it would take to pay off, and the extra interest you would pay.

  • Cost: $0.99
  • Best Feature: Debt Dog lays it all out there. Since the app shows you the real cost of buying high-ticket items, it may actually stop you from putting something on your credit card that you really shouldn’t.
  • Available for: iPhone

2. PayPal

The first version of the PayPal app, available for Android and the iPhone, was like most primitive banking apps; you could see your money and that was about it. This app has come a long way since then, and you can now do almost everything you’d want to do with a PayPal account. You can view your history, see your balance, transfer money to your bank account, and make purchases.

The app lets you log in simply with your cell phone number and a four-digit pin number. If you ever tried to enter in a complicated password using Swype, you’ll love this feature.

  • Cost: Free
  • Best Feature: PayPal lets you send money to another user just by fist bumping. If you and a friend are at a restaurant and need to split a check, just log into your PayPal app, set up the transfer, and touch phones. PayPal will move the money automatically.
  • Available for: Android, iPhone
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