7 Tips for Avoiding Fake Apps on Mobile App Stores

4. Look for the Developers

Let’s say you’re searching for social media chat features. You head over to the App Store and type in “Facebook Messenger”—but the first one you’ll see isn’t the proper app. In fact, there’s a long list of suggestions, but only one of them is authentic.

Most of them aren’t fraudulent; they’re just designed for different things. Facebook itself has developed many versions of the same basic idea. However, some could trick you into thinking it’s the real Messenger and instead utilize your data.

That’s why you should always check out who the developer is. This should be easy to spot: they’re always listed directly underneath the app title. Suffice to say, in this instance, it should read “Facebook, Inc.” on Apple devices or “Facebook” via Google Play.

Naturally, the big names stand out, but you need to be more wary when downloading a product from a developer you’re unfamiliar with.

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