8 Steps to Growing a Healthy Indoor Garden Anytime

An eye-catching indoor garden is full of healthy houseplants, and creating one that makes your home look great is easy with a little direction and some high-quality ingredients. Follow these eight steps to grow an indoor garden full of thriving houseplants that will invite friends and family to ask for your green thumb secrets:

1. Choose Healthy Houseplants

A flourishing indoor garden starts with healthy plants. Purchase plants at a trusted nursery or garden center. Some easy-to-grow houseplants that thrive in most homes include Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), various Dracaena, pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum `Aureum’) and snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata). If you are uncertain as to the best houseplant choices, ask a nursery professional for guidance.

Be discriminating when choosing plants for your indoor garden. Check selections thoroughly for signs of good health — new, normal-sized growth; budding and blooms (if the plant flowers); a stem that is well anchored in the soil; and an overall healthy appearance.

Avoid bringing home houseplants that have droopy and wilted leaves, overly wet soil, mushy stems and/or small and shriveled new growth. Other warning signs include excessive brown leaf tips, yellowing and dropping leaves, elongated stems that appear to be reaching for light, and visible pests.

2.Water Properly

The number one cause of houseplant damage and death is improper watering. Damage due to underwatering includes wilting, loss of leaves and flowers, and brown leaf tips. Overwatering results in fungal disease in the roots, which leads to root rot. Overwatered plants wilt despite wet soil, and experience blackened leaves.

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