8 Ways Learning to Code Can Benefit You at This Very Moment

This morning I woke up at 6:30am to the sound of the alarm on my Apple Watch. Twenty minutes and a cup of coffee later I was seated in front of a Chromebook in my living room, joining a Zoom Video Conference for a Skillcrush staff meeting. En route to the conference, I used my iPhone to instant message with my friend (and fellow Skillcrush employee) Chelsea, who directed me to the location of the conference link. computer science computer science computer science
A half hour into my day and I’d already interfaced with four tech devices and several apps and websites on each. I’d throw my coffee maker onto that list, but I have a low tech, pour over setup.
The point is we live more and more in a world where tech devices and the apps that make them useful are cornerstones in daily life. I just listed the first couple of tech interactions I had when stumbling out of bed on a Tuesday morning. I didn’t even get into what happens once I walk out the door, much less during the rest of the day and week. computer science computer science 
Accessing cloud documents at work, video conferencing professionally or with friends and family, using Google Maps to get directions on your phone, streaming movies and TV shows, shopping online…all of these visible parts of your digital world are shaped by an invisible language that creates and controls them. computer science computer science computer science computer science
That language is code. Coding is, generally speaking, the means by which you control and communicatewith a machine or computer, and this general world of coding is broken down into specific programming languages. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP are among the particular coding languages that make up the infrastructure bringing you all the digital things. computer science
But why do YOU need to learn how to code? computer science computer science computer science
When I began my own tech odyssey back in the 1980’s it was a dark time for computing. The gray, boxy, artless Epson PC that I cut my teeth on at my parent’s house was an MS-DOS machine. This meant everything on the computer was done at a command-line level. You didn’t “click” on a folder to get to its contents (there was no mouse to click with and no folder to click on). Instead, to get around you had to type something along the lines of:  computer science computer science
cd “\winnt \profiles\username\programs\start menu”
Through sheer determination (to play King’s Quest III) I taught myself all the commands it took to navigate the primitive machine. I grumbled a bit at first: why wasn’t it like my Nintendo, where I just shoved a cartridge in and it worked? computer science computer science computer science
But by the time I learned what I was doing, it felt good. I felt a closeness with the Epson that I never felt with my Nintendo, like I actually knew what made it tick, like I knew how to get into its insides and make it do what I needed it to do. I wasn’t at the mercy of whether or not it “just worked.”
Take this feeling, multiply it by 100, and you get a sense of what it’s like to code. Where my Epson adventures were simply about manipulating a pre-existing set of hardware and software, through coding YOU become able to not only move through websites, software programs, and apps with ease but to improve on them and even create your own! computer science computer science
Coding skills will take you from being a passive participant in the digital world to an active player in the field of tech, a move that brings personal and professional enrichment along with it.
If coding is behind so many of the fixtures in your daily life, then coding is the ultimate empowerment tool. Not only will it open the doors to a rewarding and flexible career in tech, but it will make you indispensable in that career. Tech is more than just coding, but without code there is no tech. By learning how to code you’ll be equipped to both land the job you love and be at the irreplaceable center of the tech industry. computer science computer science computer science
Not convinced? Here are eight immediate benefits from learning how to code, right now!

1. Tech is Everywhere

These days the tech industry isn’t just the tech industry. Computers and code are everywhere. Schools, hospitals, government offices—all of these institutions rely on digital infrastructure—and that means job opportunities for the coders that speak their language. computer science 
Tech is, if anything, a varied and flexible career field, and you never know where it might take you. But you can’t get there if you don’t have the tools. Learning to code will take care of that problem. Then it’s time to sit back and watch the opportunities roll in and unfold. computer science

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