Apple Watch Bands: The 15 Best Affordable Bands

Let’s not be naive here. Even if you enjoy the practicality of your Apple Watch, it’s still a fashion accessory. People using third-party Apple Watch bands have 10 times more personalized options for displaying their identity, along with their love of tech.

That’s actually part of Apple Watch’s master plan. Apple is making a giant chunk of its profits from accessories. The biggest moneymaker among them is Apple Watch bands.

So where is the band made just for you? Here are the 15 best Watch bands to save you some window shopping.

1. Horween leather watch strap

Horween Leather Strap
Horween leather strap | Nomad Goods, Inc.

Leather and watch straps go together like, well, leather goes with pretty much any strap. So that’s a reason not to let the ultra-modern tech of the Apple Watch sway humankind from its historical roots. Horween’s leather watch straps are pretty standard. They are available in brown and gray.

2. Casetify personalized Apple Watch band

Casetify watch bands | Casetify

Some people’s fashion styles are so unique, no single third-party band can cover it. For them, there’s Casetify personalized Apple Watch bands, which we mentioned previously on our list of the best Apple Watch accessories on the market. For about $50, you can have your own specialized band printed with any image from Facebook or Instagram

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