Apple Watch Fitness: The 10 Best Workout Apps to Get You Healthy

There are two features the Apple Watch is great at: fitness tracking and notifications. And if you’ve got an iPhone, an Apple Watch can be your best fitness pal. Thanks to the built-in GPS, two-day battery life, you can have your personal fitness trainer right on your wrist.

The Apple Watch can help you lose weight, work out, or just stay healthy. Every day, you’ll be able to see how many calories you burned and how much exercise you got. The more data Apple Watch collects, the more insight you’ll have on your behavior. And you’ll be better off on your journey towards better health.

Here are some must-have apps for any Apple Watch owner interested in fitness, health, and working out.

1. Activity

Apple Watch Fitness Apps Activity Notifications

The Activity app on Apple Watch is the central part of your fitness journey. It’s responsible for your three activity rings, which help you reach your MoveExercise, and Stand goals. And those rings from Activity will show up everywhere, from helpful notifications during the day to your watch face.

When you open the Activity app, you’ll first see the three rings. Scroll down and you’ll find stats like your steps for the day, how much you’ve walked, your workouts, and calories burned.

The Activity app on the Watch is limited to the day’s activity. Open the Activity app on your iPhone and you can see stats for any day you want. Plus, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of every workout that you’ve done so far.

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