Apple Watch Fitness: The 10 Best Workout Apps to Get You Healthy

2. Workouts

Apple Watch Fitness Apps Workouts

There are a plethora of awesome workout apps for the Apple Watch, and we’ll talk about some of them below. But none of them can beat Apple’s default Workouts app when it comes to sheer functionality and ease of use.

Launch the Workouts app and swipe through to see the types of workouts supported. Depending on your Apple Watch and watchOS version, you’ll see activities like walking, running, swimming, high-intensity workouts, cycling, and a lot more.

The Workouts app supports indoor activities too, which makes the Apple Watch the perfect gym companion. You can track your elliptical workouts or rower workouts. Or if you’re sweating it out doing a lot of different activities, just select the Other workout type. Your Apple Watch will then track the calories burned based on your movement and heart rate.

When you’re tracking a workout, you can swipe right for more options and swipe left to control music. Speaking of which, make sure you have some solid sport headphones to listen to your tunes.

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