Forget the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the Future

While everyone’s fawning over the edge-to-edge display and facial recognition features on the iPhone X, I’m more interested in the battle for my wrist. The Apple Watch might not share the same must-have appeal of the latest smartphone, but it’s still the world’s most successful product of its kind.

This puts Apple in a strong position to spend time and money refining their vision of the future. I believe the new Series 3 Watch paints a clearer picture of the future than the iPhone X does.

Confused? Enraged? Bought a Samsung? Relax, this benefits us all (and you don’t even need to buy one).

The iPhone X Matters Right Now

This isn’t a deliberate effort to throw shade at the iPhone X. Considering the amount of attention Apple’s next-generation of smartphone has received, it’s clear that the next big thing has raised some interesting questions about the future of smartphone technology.

Forget the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the Future iphone x landscape 670x346

It’s not the first smartphone to include facial recognition, but it’s arguably the most daring implementation thus far. While no company is infallible, particularly Apple with its Maps fiasco and iCloud’s less-than-glowing reputation, Apple has a history of not rolling out technology till they’re confident it works.

The removal of the Touch ID scanner is a bold move, with the pressure on Face ID to take up the slack. The lack of Home button is also going to take some getting used to, but it’s a taste of the company’s vision for devices that don’t require traditional physical inputs. After all, the iPhone X is pretty much just a big screen at this point.

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