How watchOS 5 Makes Your Apple Watch Even Better

The next generation of Apple Watch software is here. Along with iOS 12, Apple has made watchOS 5 available to download for everyone.

Apple Watch wearers will notice a number of different improvements and handy additions that continue to make the wearable device even better. Here’s a roundup of the new features in watchOS 5.

All About Activity

While there are a wide variety of third-party Apple Watch apps to track a workout, Apple’s own built-in tools are taking a big step up.

In the Workout app, you can now select from two new types of exercise—hiking and yoga. After selecting either one of those, the Apple Watch will track active calories and exercise minutes.

Speaking of workouts, watchOS 5 will now automatically detect a number of different popular workout types. You’ll see a notification on the Watch to confirm the workout and give correct credit.

And there’s no need to worry about forgetting to end a workout. After a short period when no activity is detected, a notification will allow you to end the workout or switch to another type.

Runners will also be happy to take advantage of several new features. The steps per minute feature will work for indoor or outdoors walks and runs. When running outside, a vibrating pace alarm will let runners know if they are ahead or behind of their selected pace without needing to look down at the watch screen.

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