Tips for Starting or Re-Starting Fitness

With the new year here, I know many of us (myself included) are looking to introduce, or re-introduce, fitness into our lives. I shared what my approach to fitness has been since giving birth in a blog post earlier this week, and in today’s post I’ll share how I’ll be continuing to gradually scale my fitness routine up moving forward. Whether you are also coming back to fitness following being pregnant or are simply looking to increase your activity level in the new year in general, here are some of the tips that I’ll be using myself to gradually get back into the swing of things in a sustainable way!

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1) Start slowly and be realistic!

Trying to do too much too soon is a recipe for burning out quickly and establishing an “all or nothing” type mentality towards fitness. Think about where your current fitness baseline is right now, and then set a measurable and realistic goal to slowly start to increase it. So for example, rather than saying “I want to work out more this year”, turn that goal into something actionable, like “I will try one TRX class before the end of the month to see how I like it. If I enjoy it, I will continue to go twice per month.”tips for reintroducing fitness

Since I’m just getting back into fitness following a C section 7 weeks ago, I’ve decided that my initial goal for now will be to go to one fitness class per week. I’m already enjoying walks with my new little family and doing some postpartum rehab exercises at home, but I miss organized fitness and am looking forward to reincorporating it – going out to a class with friends is a lot more fun than a solo basement workout! Initially I will plan to have that one class per week be yoga, but once I meet with my physical therapist next week to see how my body is healing up, I’ll consider getting back out to a boot camp class with my workout buddies instead/in addition to the yoga class. I’m playing it by ear based on how I feel, and what seems manageable!

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